Monday, March 17, 2008

CADW; Beth am Blant Alis?

Please email CADW the Welsh conservation body to help save Alices summer holiday house in Llandudno. Llandudno is the UKs best preserved Victorian resort and yet they may allow this fine piece of Alices life to be demolished. email CADW and the Conwy councils planning committe to voice your objections. By focusing the worlds attention we can save it. btw Plant Alis (Alices Children) is a Welsh idiom which refers to the "English" in general.
Email addressed to, with ref to applications for demolition of Penmorfa, no's, 0/34325 and 0/34236. Or by letter to The Chief Planning Officer, Civic Offices, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, LL29 8AR.
Petroc is currently reading Alice in Breton (read it in Welsh, Spanish and English,)
Help Save Alice Liddell's Holiday Home

It has come to our notice that developers in Llandudno have requested permission to demolish Penmorfa - holiday home of the Liddell family. John Lawson-Reay, Chairman of the Llandudno Seaside Buildings Preservation Trust makes the following request:
"Penmorfa has for the past twelve months been shorn of
the later extensions while the developers have done nothing to protect it. There has been much concern, locally. Now a planning application has been made for the demolition of the house so that the developer can use the whole site for 29 luxury flats. It may be that the company had no real intention of retaining Penmorfa.
The site is in a conservation area which was extended a few years ago to include the hotel, thus to recognising the significance of the building. We have appealed to the Wales body for conservation, CADW, to list the building, but they say that there is no particular architectural merit in the house and that there are similar buildings in Llandudno. We seriously disagree. We understand that it is described as 'Pseudo-Gothic' contrasting with the other buildings in Llandudno which are 'Classical' in design.
However our concern is with its important historical associations which we consider to be of most significance. The fact that the house was built for his family by Dean Liddell and the fact that they used it for extended vacations over eleven years should surely be enough to protect it.
We are getting together a body of protestors locally but any objections from further afield could be crucial. Could you circulate your membership and ask them to email or write their objections to demolition to Conwy County Borough Council?
Email addressed to, with ref to applications for demolition of Penmorfa, no's, 0/34325 and 0/34236. Or by letter to The Chief Planning Officer, Civic Offices, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, LL29 8AR.
We would want to emphasise the historical importance of Penmorfa as well as its uniqueness. There is much urgency required. We would appreciate any help."

The committe of the Lewis Carroll Society encourage you to support this cause and send an email (or preferably a letter) to the council. It seems incredible to us that this situation has been allowed to get this far.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Foreign Office?

The FCO funds (ariannu) over 2000 foreign students to come to the UK each year with its Chevening Scholarlships (ysgoloriaethau), which is great news. Here is my search (ymchwiliad) for 'Cymraeg' on the FCO website (wefan). No need for an in depth analysis here.

British Council Considers Welsh

If we are to believe this the British Council has at last woken up to its bilingual 'Britishness" role. We shall see.

Thank you for your interest in the work of British Council Wales.

I have forwarded your enquiry to our Communications Officer Suma
Krishnamurthy who will be able to tell you if a Welsh translation is
available on our work in Europe.

If a Welsh translation is currently unavailable, it would be possible to
provide you one within a reasonable time, allowing sufficient time for

If you would like to contact Suma Krishnamurthy personally you can do so
via email at

Kind regards,


Katherine Snell
Customer Services Co-ordinator
British Council Wales ~ British Council Cymru
28 Park Place ~ 28 Plas y Parc
Cardiff ~ Caerdydd
CF10 3QE

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Oes na dudalenau Cymraeg yna, roeddwn yn chwilio am ddeunydd am eich
gwaith yn Ewrop a tu hwnt ond doedd dim deunydd o gwbl yn y gymraeg.

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The British Council is a registered charity 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). Our purpose is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and to increase appreciation of the UK's creative ideas and achievements.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Welsh celebrate in London but not Rugby this time. March 1 2008.

St Davids Day in London - no thanks to Ken

While the Chinese Russians and even the Canadians benefit from my Council Taxes as uncle Ken gives out the money for Trafalgar Square bashes the Welsh get zero. We are, like the Gypsies, so discriminated against that we are unseen.

However the ICA provided two nights of celebration (dathliad)- called Wales uber Alles. On 29 February 2008 a night of Welsh bands, with Genod Droog, Radio Luxembourg , MC Mabon among the famous Welsh groups.
Genod Droog, six men - not 'naughty girls' as the name implies, are from Porthmadog; MC Mabon is realy a band; and Radio Luxembourg, from Aberystwyth are a cool psychedelic band.
This was followed by a second night on St Davids Day at the ICA, 1 Mar 2008 with Gruff Rhys (ex-Super Furry Animal) and Kerdd Dant plus a midnight screening of Gwaed ar y Sêr, a little-seen Welsh horror film in the ICA bar.

South London pub the Vauxhall Griffin also put on a free night of Welsh pop music, Ruth Madoc videos and produced a Welsh themed quiz. Free Welsh cakes and Daffodils made for a surreal evening. Well done Nia! There were of course more traditional meals and Harpist (telynydd) all over London but not a brass cent of public Funding from the Authorities (awdurdodau). It seems you need to be foreign (estron)to qualify.
Here's some pretty websites about the groups mentioned - enjoy (mwynhau) or try Theo Bruetons 'digwyddiadur' for regular listings of Londons Welsh activities. Just google it (googlio fe) or try

English and Welsh number plate campaign

Join the campaign to put pressure on the London Government to legalise the use of the Welsh and English flags on the number plates of vehicles.  
In 2001 the then Westminster Transport Minister promised that the UK Government would legislate to allow the use of national flags on cars.   Nearly seven years on the London Government has yet to act.
If you think that the people of Wales and England should be legally entitled to use our national flags as a symbol of our identity on the number pates of their vehicles. Show Gordon Brown that we’re English or Welsh and proud of it!
If you think that the people of Wales and England should be legally entitled to use their national flags as a symbol of their identity on the number pates of their vehicles, join the campaign by signing the petition below.;lID=1